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Nice guys finish last.

Do you know why you’re still single? Because you a picky bitch.
That goes to most girls out there as well.
You don’t want a guy who’s going to show you love and affection, you want a guy who you look good with, that you can show off to your friends and model around the mall.
You don’t want a guy who’s genuine and loyal, you want a guy all the other girls are chasing, so you can prove to them you’re better.
You don’t want the guy that doesn’t get chased because you don’t believe he’s good enough for you.
You’re not going to find the good traits in the guys who are easily seen by everyone and has sweg, you’ll find it in the ones you least expect it to be in, chasing someone that gets chased only means you have more competition and he has more options but you dumbasses don’t realise that.
I’m only writing this because one of my friends today said that she can’t seem to find a good guy, that all guys are the same assholes. No bitch, you just pick the bad apples. Look around you, you have 2 good genuine guys chasing you and you’re still going to your drop kick ex boyfriend.
So stop saying all guys are assholes and look a little harder, because we always get blamed for being assholes and it’s not fair that the good ones are being kept in the dark and the assholes are taking the limelight and making the rest of MAN kind look bad.
Pull ya heads in.

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